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stethoscopeYou can always phone the practice for specific advice about your medical problems. One of the doctors will be able to phone you back, although for non-urgent queries it may not be the same day. Please make any requests for telephone advice as early as possible in the morning.

Alternatively, NHS 111 offers excellent telephone advice 24 hours a day on 111 from specially trained registered nurses.

NHS Choices is also an excellent source of infomation when you are unwell and need advice


By contrast, we cannot recommend Patient UK more highly. This site contains thorough, clear and accurate patient information leaflets about every condition you can think of. We doctors use this site frequently.

If you are interested in knowing which treatment has the most evidence to support it, then the BestTreatments site, which is supported by the British Medical Journal, is unequalled.

And, of course, Google and Wikipedia are always your friends when it comes to finding things out. One request, though: there’s a LOT of information out there and it’s easy to scare yourself. If you find that happening come in and have a chat sooner rather than later. Then we can put things in perspective for you and hopefully reassure you a bit.

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