Services we offer

NHS GP Services

We offer the full range of NHS GP services, including minor surgery. The NHS pays us to provide GP services to our registered patients.

It does not include things like certificates for travel insurance, certificates of illness during exams, driving, insurance or occupational medicals etc. We are very pleased to provide such services, but a charge will be made and the receptionist can advise you what that will be when you make the request.

Visitor Services

Most visitors to Exmoor are eligible for free treatment

We get a large number of visitors to Exmoor and most are resident in the UK and as such are eligible for free NHS treatment from us. Simply make an appointment at the surgery and we will attend to your needs as if you were one of our own patients, sending a brief report on to your own GP.

What if you are not resident in the UK?
Free GP treatment is based on residence in the UK, not on nationality, the payment of UK taxes or National Insurance contributions. A person who is regarded as ordinarily resident in the UK is eligible for free treatment by a GP. A person is ‘ordinarily resident’ for this purpose if lawfully living in the UK for a settled purpose as part of the regular order of his or her life for the time being. Anyone coming to live in this country would qualify as ordinarily resident.

Overseas visitors to the UK are not regarded as ordinarily resident if they do not meet this description. For example, a person who emigrated from the UK, but returns sometimes for visits is not seen as ordinarily resident, regardless of any previous UK taxes or contributions they have paid or receive. He or she would not normally be entitled to free NHS treatment from a GP. Any person who leaves this country to live abroad should be removed from his or her GP list after 3 months.

There are however some circumstances which entitle overseas visitors to free treatment:

  • Asylum seekers and refugees given leave to remain in the UK, or awaiting the results of an application to remain, are regarded as ordinarily resident and entitled to full NHS GP treatment.
  • EEA nationals carrying a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are entitled to free NHS GP treatment. EEA member states are listed here.
  • Any person, whether ordinarily resident or not, requiring treatment that a GP regards as emergency or immediately necessary shall receive that treatment free of charge, whether registered with a GP or not.

We will happily see any visitors who do not fit into one of the above categories (and this will include many visitors from North America and Australia / New Zealand), but they should expect to pay a charge for the service. This charge will likely be covered by their own travel insurance.

Practice Nurses

Our practice nurses, Paula Williams and Louise Phillips and our Healthcare Assistant Claire Floyd, offer a full practice nursing service, including blood monitoring for warfarin. They are always pleased to help and can often answer your medical queries.

Community Nurses

We work closely with our efficient and helpful district nurses to provide an integrated community nursing service. They offer the full range of nursing services for those who genuinely can’t make it into the surgery and they play a huge role in things like end of life care. We’re very lucky to have them. Please don’t abuse the service they provide and make every effort to get into the surgery if you can.


We are lucky to have a physiotherapist come to the surgery once a week from Minehead. Referral is from your doctor.

Midwife and Health Visitor

Both these groups of professionals operate out of our surgery. Patients need to complete the Maternity self-referral form online (link below) prior to seeing a midwife at the surgery.

Other Practitioners

We have a variety of other practictioners who use the building to provide non-NHS services. Our newest arrival is Sam Mildren offering Osteopathy on Monday and Thursday mornings each week. We also have Mike Cohen, a down to Earth psychologist who provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Imperial Hearing (hearing aid specialist), also chiropodists, further information is available and appointments can generally be made through reception.

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