The Practice Staff

There are three members of our nursing team in total and a nurse is here most of the time the surgery is open. Two are registered nurses, Paula Williams and Clare Hendy, and Claire Floyd is our Health Care Assistant. All are highly competent and, increasingly, many of the vital tasks of chronic disease management, such as monitoring blood pressure and keeping an eye on diabetes and asthma, are being taken over by our nursing staff.
Many conditions and problems are easily managed by our nursing staff and so feel free to make an appointment with them. If they require further advice, the doctors are always available and will often pop in to give our opinion and suggest further treatment.

Our reception team is very competently headed by Val Bristow, ably aided by Linda Jones, Karen Hunt, Christine Rowatt and Jenny Sampson. Sometimes they are in the difficult situation of trying to fit more people into fewer appointments. Please be understanding. Explaining why you need to be seen can often help them squeeze you in where neccessary.


Hayley Hunter, Rachael Ware, Leanne Phillips & Gabby Rowe form our dispensary team. We dispense medication to the 70% of our patients who live more than one mile from the surgery. The remaining 30% collect their medication from a chemist, usually our local one in Dulverton. Our dispensers have the responsible job of making sure that the medications we dispense are correct and correctly labelled. Do give them as much notice as possible of repeats and, wherever possible, please order online.

Lindsay Smith & Andrea Corrie are our practice secretaries, dealing with all our referrals and hospital communications. If you have specific queries in relation to these matters, please contact  through reception. Emma and Lindsay also sort out things like certificates and insurance reports (for which there is a charge), making sure to stick them under the right doctors’ noses at the right time.

Assistant Practice Manager 

Lindsay also helps with aspects of Practice Management and the day to day running of the Practice alongside the Practice Manager, Kathryn Kyle.

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    Exmoor Medical Centre
    Oldberry House
    Fishers Mead
    TA22 9EN

    Tel: 01398 323333
    Fax: 01398 324030


    [email protected]

    Out of Hours Urgent Care Number:

  • Opening Times

    The surgery is open:
    Monday to Friday
    8.30am to 6.00pm

    The Dispensary is open:
    Monday to Friday
    8.30 to 1pm & 2 to 6pm

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